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Management model

The CDB organizational model, introduced in 2000, has a fundamental client-oriented focus and is based on technological criteria. The main objective of this model is to optimize the use of resources while ensuring advanced technological development in health care and research.

This organizational model results in effective management of human and technological resources while enhancing allotment of resources to uncommon, special tests and those under development. CDB’s cross-sectional view and the joint responsibility of the entire staff in management are key elements in this model, which contrasts with the conventional organizational structure of independent medical specialties and Departments.

In the CDB model, the Departments are responsible for developing the maximum level of knowledge in their specialty and they continuously interact with the CORE Operative Area to achieve high-quality analytic and scientific results.

The exceptional capability and knowledge of our professionals and use of the most advanced techniques in health care and research, enables us to ensure a portfolio of services that includes tests and studies with high diagnostic value developed with maximum scientific and technical rigor, and customer service that includes advice and guidance in the interpretation of the results.

Biomedical Diagnostic Center (CDB)

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