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 The Molecular Biology CORE Laboratory was created in2015 to centralize and automatize the main molecular biology techniques that are used among the different departments of CDB. Implementing new technologies such as massive parallel sequencing (NGS), cell free DNA studies or gene expression analysis using Nanostring technology applied to oncology diagnostics, has raised up the laboratory and the CDB to the state of the art of molecular biology diagnostics laboratories. In terms of cooperation among different departments, we have established a bioinformatics unit as an essential part of the laboratory. Its main purpose is to develop data algorithms that allow our faculty specialist to precisely analyze and validate the huge amount of generated data by these new technologies.

In the Molecular Biology CORE Laboratory we work closely with the rest departments of CDB and other clinical units to implement or automatize the molecular biology analytical processes. We also work with faculty specialists that require advice and orientation on technology to establish new diagnostic tests.  Currently, we perform more than 17000 nucleic acid extraction form different types of samples, and we have a portfolio of more than 200 different tests (including all techniques available, massive parallel sequencing, Sanger sequencing and gene expression analyses).

The laboratory is organized in the following different areas:

1 –Nucleic acid extraction

2 –qPCR

3 –Sanger sequencing

4 – Massive parallel sequencing (NGS) and new technologies

5 – Bioinformatics

Our laboratory is currently ISO 9001:2015 certified and has achieved the ISO 15189 accreditation for some of our tests.


JA Puig (Head of the CORE Operative Area)

Ja Puig

Head of the CORE Operative Area

CORE BM Laboratory


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