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Through this section created in 2016, the Immunology service completes its range of services by expanding them with those derived from the field of Immunotherapy (a concept that groups all immunological-based therapies). Parallel to the development of analytical studies, which allow a better understanding and management of conventional commercial immunotherapies (mainly biological drugs), the immunotherapy section manages the facilities of advanced therapies (clean rooms) to offer customized, focused cellular therapeutic products, mainly in cancer immunotherapy, but without losing sight of other proposals such as anti-infectious immunotherapy.

There are 2 major proposals in this section:

  • The monitoring of our own immunotherapies or developed by third parties, highlighting the studies of phenotypic definition of leukocyte subpopulations, the evaluation of cytokine profiles, the quantification of levels of biological immunomodulatory drugs and the immunogenicity of these ("anti-drug antibodies") as the main cause of the loss of function of a previously effective treatment. The most common methods for the laboratory approach of this proposal are multiparametric flow cytometry, Luminex® and ELISpot. Dr. E.A. González ( Extension 5463).
    • The development of personalized cellular therapeutic products. In this group, we highlight the current proposals for available treatments: Vaccines with antitumor or tolerogenic dendritic cells. Dr. D. Benitez ( Extension 5463).
    • T-specific or donor specific lymphocytes in transplant patients: Proposal for selection of anti-viral T lymphocytes (CMV, EBV, Adenovirus, BK) or antitumor T lymphocytes, mainly tumor infiltrating lymphocytes, better known by the acronym TILs. Dr. M. Juan ( Extension 5463), direct consultation Mobile 629.230.441.
    • Genetically modified lymphocytes, mainly CART lymphocytes (chimeric antigenic receptors in T lymphocytes), specifically CART19 in the treatment of leukemias and CD19 + B lymphomas, although they are close to being able to come up with similar proposals. Dr. M. Caballero ( Ext 5463).


Manel Juan (Head of Section)

Manel Juan

Head of Section

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