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The Immunology Department performs clinical testing for prevention, diagnosis, and follow-up of immune diseases. The latest scientific advances and an extensive array of complex techniques are used for this purpose. The Department is organized into two sections to fulfill these needs:

  • The Immunopathology Section is responsible for diagnostic testing in immune-mediated diseases and for evaluation and interpretation of test results in the clinical context of each patient. To facilitate this task, a telephone contact system is available for medical consultations with the remaining Departments in Hospital Clínic and with other hospitals.
  • The Transplant Immunology Section constitutes the Histocompatibility Laboratory of Catalonia, which acts as a reference center for solid organ transplant studies in Catalonia. 


Jordi Yagüe (Head of Department)

Jordi Yagüe

Head of Department

Department of Immunology

Head of Section


Biomedical Diagnostic Center (CDB)

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