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Hemotherapy and Hemostasis


The research activity of the Hemotherapy and Hemostasis Department is organized around several basic, experimental, and clinical research projects of our own design. The staff professionals also offer knowledge, infrastructure, and human resources for the design and execution of research projects directed by investigators from other institutes and from other centers within Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. The research lines are grouped around various aspects of hemotherapy, hemostasis, and thrombosis.
The research is sustained by funds from official central government, regional government, and European community agencies (FIS, MCYT, PETRI, CIRIT, European funding), and by R+D contracts with companies and other institutions.


Juan Carlos Reverter (Head of Department)

Juan Carlos Reverter

Head of Department

Department of Hemotherapy and Hemostasis

Head of Section


Biomedical Diagnostic Center (CDB)

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