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Hemotherapy and Hemostasis

The Hemotherapy and Hemostasis Department is responsible for all hemotherapy support in Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, and for the diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and follow-up of patients with hemostasis abnormalities. We also provide comprehensive care of patients receiving oral anticoagulant therapy. To this end, we combine laboratory tasks with the activity carried out in the Outpatient Clinic, hospital Departments, Emergency Area, and Day Hospital.

We develop direct therapeutic interventions such as apheresis procedures, and laboratory activities, ranging from short turnaround tests to specialized studies. This work has been expanded to position the Department as a reference center in clinical trials and in research and development.

The Department maintains agreements with CatSalut for activity related to red cell disorders and primary hemostasis, as well as neonatal screening for hemoglobinopathies.
Our laboratory areas are subject to the requirements of the general quality assurance system of the Biomedical Diagnostic Center, and the various areas hold the corresponding specific accreditation.
We also conduct external quality assessment programs in Hematology. To register, please consult


Juan Carlos Reverter (Head of Department)

Juan Carlos Reverter

Head of Department

Department of Hemotherapy and Hemostasis

Head of Section


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