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Hemotherapy and Hemostasis

Day Hospital

Various healthcare activities related to hemotherapy and hemostasis are carried out within the Day Hospital:

Antithrombotic treatment

  • Control, handling, and care in referred emergency consultations for patients receiving oral anticoagulant therapy
  • Initiation of drug therapy
  • Temporary discontinuation of anticoagulation therapy, and short-term replacement of oral anticoagulation with parenteral anticoagulation
  • Intercurrent events that modify antithrombotic drug requirements

Hemophilia and severe bleeding diathesis

  • Attention to present or recent non-life-threatening bleeding in patients with severe hemorrhagic coagulopathy
  • Administration of blood products and hemostatic drugs 


  • Interviews and extractions in donors/patients who are about to undergo some type of apheresis procedure. Usually these are donors or patients in whom the interviews and laboratory analyses are essential to determine whether an apheresis procedure can be safely undertaken.
  • Interviews and management of treatment to mobilize peripheral blood hematopoietic stem cells

Therapeutic phlebotomy

  • Treatment and follow-up of patients who require depletion of iron deposits.


Juan Carlos Reverter (Head of Section)

Juan Carlos Reverter

Head of Section

Section of Day Hospital

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