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Hemotherapy and Hemostasis

Undergraduate Teaching

We impart training in our field of knowledge to undergraduate students in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona (UB). Some of our staff doctors are university professors. In addition, we receive students interested in gaining credits in practical training.

Postgraduate Teaching

We carry out various postgraduate teaching activities:

  • Resident physician training: The staff professionals of the Department participate in resident training within the Hematology and Hemostasis specialty program, with a teaching capacity of three MIRs per year.
  • Clinical sessions: Two sessions are conducted per week, one related to patient care and the other to scientific theory. Some sessions are presented in collaboration with other departments or institutions. The general goal of these sessions is to contribute to resident training and continuing education of the Department personnel.
  • Courses: Courses in the Department’s various fields of activity are imparted yearly.
  • Doctorate degree: One or two doctoral theses are developed per year. The doctoral candidates are mainly specialists (MIRs) who have trained in our institution, or science graduates from the UB or other universities. 


Juan Carlos Reverter (Head of Department)

Juan Carlos Reverter

Head of Department

Department of Hemotherapy and Hemostasis

Head of Section


Biomedical Diagnostic Center (CDB)

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