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CORE Laboratory

The Core Laboratory was created in 2001 to centralize the most frequently requested automated tests of the CDB in a common technical and organizational structure. What, at that time, was a pioneering, innovative solution, is now a widely used laboratory model.
Our activity encompasses the basic nucleus of healthcare services provided by the Biomedical Diagnostic Center.
Within an extensive catalog of more than 250 different tests, over 5 600 000 determinations were performed in 2009, accounting for 85% of the total activity of the CDB laboratories.
Currently, the Core Laboratory has one of the highest technological levels of clinical laboratories in Europe, and it is an international reference center in automation and in process organization and management.
Although the Core Laboratory is structured according to technological criteria, it maintains close collaboration with the CDB Departments as an essential factor in its functioning. The interaction between the Departments and Core Laboratory enables us to ensure adequate participation of the pertinent specialists, so that the results are always clinically validated by the professionals in charge.

The activity of the Core Laboratory is organized into five areas:

  • General Biochemistry Unit
  • Special Biochemistry Unit
  • Hematology, Coagulation and Cytology
  • Immunoanalysis
  • Continuing Care and Emergencies

It also includes the clinical laboratory in Casa Maternitat.
The Core Laboratory maintains a collaborative agreement with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics to participate in the development of new analytic systems and organize training programs on comprehensive automation for laboratories within and outside of Spain.


Josep Lluís Bedini (Head of the CORE Operative Area)

Josep Lluís Bedini

Head of the CORE Operative Area

Laboratorty CORE


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