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Scheduled Activity Area

The Scheduled Activity Area covers most of the basic analyses required for patient diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up.

The centerpiece of the Area is the ADVIA LabCell, a fully automated system for all-inclusive sample management. Various analyzers working with several different techniques are connected to the system, which includes modules for sample identification, centrifugation, decapping, sorting, and tracking. This allows full tracebility and a significant reduction in the number of samples required per patient.

Real-time monitoring of all components of the analytical process is carried out by ADVIA CentraLink, a software application that performs intelligent management of workloads, applies self-validation criteria (including repeats), and runs complementary analyses according to preset criteria. The Scheduled Activity Area also includes analyzers that are not connected to ADVIA LabCell but also benefit from its capacity for comprehensive sample management. In this case, samples arrive individually to predefined classification areas, they are transferred to off-line systems, and they are then returned to ADVIA LabCell, where they will continue the process until all the services requested have been completed. 

Upon completion of the process, samples are temporarily stored in the system and subsequently, in a cold room designed for this purpose, for up to 7 days. Thus, if it is necessary, samples can be easily retrieved and processed when a new service is requested.

An average of 4000 samples are processed per day and more than 4 550 000 determinations are performed per year. 


Josep Lluís Bedini (Head of Section)

Josep Lluís Bedini

Head of Section

Laboratorty Scheduled Activity Area

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