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Welcome to the CDB website

Dear visitors,

Welcome to the website of the Biomedical Diagnostic Center (CDB, Centro de Diagnóstico Biomédico) of Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. We launched this site to present information about our center and the services we offer. We would like it to be a meeting place for medical institutions and medical professionals interested in our activity, which is based on comprehensive, high quality, accurate diagnostics in all areas of general and specialized laboratory medicine.

The organizational structure of Hospital Clínic, in which the various Institutes and Centers have managerial autonomy, enables CDB to establish interactions and collaborative alliances with public and private institutions in the healthcare sector. We are interested in encouraging activities of mutual benefit to our institution and others through partnership agreements and other contractual formulas. The benefits obtained by CDB are invested in continuing improvement of our services and expansion of our healthcare, teaching, and research goals, with emphasis on detecting new opportunities and applying novel technological developments. The expertise of our professionals, under the direction of Dr. Áurea Mira and Dr. Elías Campo, is manifested in their recognized professional prestige, their impact in translational research, and their considerable teaching activity and numerous scientific publications.

The support and collaboration with our clients also extends to educational activity, with the possibility for professionals from other centers to participate in educational forums (in person or at a distance), and short stays in our Departments. We also provide advice to improve specific aspects of diagnostic or technical interest and impart training courses from Aula Clínic.

Our organization, based on interactions between all the Departments comprising CDB, enables us to offer comprehensive, fully coordinated, multidisciplinary diagnostics.

We hope that our project, presented in detail on this website, will also be of interest to your institution.

Dr. Áurea Mira
Managing Director
Biomedical Diagnostic Center, CDB
Hospital Clínic de Barcelona

Dr. Elías Campo
Clinical Director
Biomedical Diagnostic Center, CDB
Hospital Clínic de Barcelona


Biomedical Diagnostic Center (CDB)

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