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October, 07 2021

The CBD from Hospital Clínic and the Enzyme Advising Group are committed to AI for the diagnosis of lung diseases

Patients with interstitial lung disease have a high mortality rate and the treatments available to treat them delay, but do not reverse, the pathology. Therefore, the use of artificial intelligence makes it possible to detect early changes before the disease progresses and apply treatment as soon as possible, improving patients' quality of life.

Enzyme Advising Group's proposal is innovative and very much in line with the objectives of Hospital Clínic. "It is a highly replicable project for other diseases that can lead to a radical chance in the diagnosis of both common and rare diseases," says Dr. Martínez, Head of the Pathology Department. In this way, we at the Clínic take another step forward as a reference in the field of Computational Pathology through a revolutionary technology and a trusted partner.

Enzyme is an AI services and products company dedicated to the research, development, implementation and integration of technological solutions based mainly on data management, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Dr. Mira, Director of the CBD, states that "this is the first of future agreements in the field of computational pathology at the CDB".


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