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May 28, 2019

Success of participation in the XXIX congress of the Spanish Society of Pathology

Last week, the XXIX National Congress of the Spanish Society of Pathology, XXIV National Congress of the Spanish Society of Cytology and V National Congress of the Spanish Society of Forensic Pathology was held in Granada. As every year, the Pathology Department of Hospital Clínic had a high participation, being involved in most of the courses and with numerous accepted communications. In total, 8 oral communications, 11 posters selected for discussion and more than 20 session moderations and more than 20 presentations in courses and sessions.

It is also worth mentioning that two residents received prizes awarded by SEAP: Dr. Carla Fuster received the Destapa prize, consisting of the registration fee for the congress and Dr Gerard Frigola received the Iosu Sola award for the best communication related to quality for Residents and Young specialists in Pathological Anatomy consisting of a Scholarship for the next American congress of the specialty.

Dr. Paola Castillo participated in the course of Head and Neck Pathology, Dr. Jaume Ordi in the course of Gynecological Pathology, Dr. Adriana García in the course of Hematopathology, Dr. Miriam Cuatrecasas in the course of Quality Program as well as in the Molecular Pathology and Digestive Pathology courses, Dr. Cristina Teixidó in the course of Digestive Pathology and Dr. Alfons Nadal in the Fetal and Perinatal Pathology course.

The technical staff was also present at the congress with the participation of Elena Gonzalvo in the Long Course of Applied Management and Quality Assurance Program; the participation of Olga Luna in the TEAPyC short course about the importance of the technician in the pre-analytical phase; and Cristina Miralles with an oral communication about the standardization in the decalcification of the bone marrow.

Participation in case seminars was also high: Dr. Olga Balagué presented cases in the Pediatric Pathology seminar, Dr. Alba Díaz in Hepatobiliary Pathology, Dr. Adela Saco in Gynecopathology and Dr. Adriana García in Pathology Molecular applied to the Hematopathological Diagnosis.


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