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Master in Translational Medicine, Barcelona, October 2011

The Cellex Master in Translational Medicine provides the opportunity to obtain excellent training in the academic and research settings. In the academic line, it offers comprehensive, up to date knowledge from a cross-sectional viewpoint on the basic clinical and epidemiologic aspects of the human disease entities examined. In research, it offers wide-ranging access to the theoretical and practical knowledge required to develop research projects related to translational medicine. An important part of the Master is devoted to practical research training. This responds to the notable increase in public research centers with a translational inclination over the last years. In addition, our national industry has shown a progressive interest in activities related to biotechnology. Therefore, there is a growing demand for highly qualified personnel in this line to meet the needs of public research centers and the pharmaceutical industry.

It is plausible that the demand for qualified professionals in translational medicine will grow over the coming years, in both the academic and business settings. In clear contrast to this growing demand, there is currently no undergraduate program to train professionals in this type of research. Thus, Spanish graduates in Health Sciences are in an inferior position to compete with similar professionals in the European Community, who are better trained in this field. This is an important fact in an increasingly more globalized work market, particularly in the field of biomedical research. The present Master attempts to fill this void in the preparation of highly qualified professionals in translational research. Therefore, the mission of this Master is to prepare a new generation of competitive researchers who will carry out their professional tasks in a field that is currently showing exponential growth.

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