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July 14, 2014

Dr. Miquel Lozano, new president of the European Society for Haemapheresis and Hemotherapy (ESFH)

Dr. Miquel Lozano Molero, Head of Section of Hemotherapy in the Hemoterapia Hemotherapy and Hemostasis Department of Biomedial Diagnostic Center (CDD), has been named President of the European Society for Apheresis (European Society for Haemapheresis and Hemotherapy, ESFH) , during the joint congress of this Society and the Italian Society for Apheresis and Cell Manipulation (Società Italiana di Emaferesi and Manipolazione Cellulare) held in Florence on 19th and 20th May and chaired by Dr. Lozano.
The ESFH is a European non-profit organization whose main objectives to improve the techniques used in apheresis units of blood banks, hospitals and other institutions; establishing certification standards about technical compliance in this area; promote research and teaching, and the exchange and sharing of experiences of practitioners in relation to apheresis.


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