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May 28, 2014

CDB and Siemens inaugurate the most complete automated laboratory in Europe

The Hospital Clínic of Barcelona and Siemens, global leader in health technology , inaugurated this morning the CORE laboratory of the Biomedical Diagnostic Center (CDB) , which integrates all stages of the analytical process and includes testing of all laboratory specialties . This new laboratory will be one of the most innovative and sophisticated worldwide, manage more than 5,000 daily samples , integrate emergencies , more new testing and will save 1.6 million euros over the next eight years.

The presentation ceremony , which took place in the hall of the hospital, attended by the Councilor of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Boi Ruiz ; Dr. Josep Maria Piqué , CEO of the Hospital Clínic ; Rosa García , President of Siemens in Spain ; Dr. Aurea Mira, Director, Center for Biomedical Diagnostics Clinic (CDB); Alexander Socarrás, CEO of Siemens Healthcare in Southeast Europe; Luis Cortina , CEO of Siemens Healthcare in Spain ; and Dr. Josep Lluís Bedini , Chief Operating CORE lab .

The new laboratory CORE renews the automated track installed on the center for twelve years, then one of the most advanced in their technology, and incorporates all the lessons learnt that have been developed over these years of experience. During this stage, the CORE laboratory of CDB has been European reference center for Siemens and has received more than 450 visits to laboratories around the world and conducting training courses specific to other international centers .

The new track Aptio provides features as relevant as the integration of urgent and routine samples , including pre and post analytical processes and analyzers of all specialties . Thus, the laboratory is provided with a more streamlined structure will considerably increase production capacity and efficiency.

As explained by Dr. Josep Lluís Bedini : " The new track will allow us to integrate the Emergency laboratory , which will work on a robot , maximizing the benefits of automation and thereby reducing the time needed for urgent analysis. Also increase patient safety , and that the system minimizes the possibility of errors to holistically manage all stages of the analytical process. "

With these new facilities, after twelve years and after more than 450 visits from laboratories around the world, the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona once again demonstrates its commitment to innovation and is confirmed as reference health center in Europe in security patient and efficiency .

In the words of Dr. Josep Maria Piqué: " This project is another example of the innovative spirit of the Hospital Clínic and our commitment to society and the continuous improvement of patient care ."

Meanwhile, Rosa Garcia, President of Siemens , said : " Twelve years ago the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona became technological reference to the installation of the first clinical laboratory automation system in Europe. Now, again , the center returns to innovate since it is the first that integrates laboratory testing of all laboratory specialties . This new facility reinforces the link between the Hospital Clinic and Siemens . Together we work to advance the care of patients. ".


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