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January 9, 2015

Appointments of Dr. J.L. Bedini and M. Juan

Earlier this December 2015, the MSSSI (Ministery of Health) confirmed the following appointments as presidents of the corresponding "Comisión Nacional de la Especialidad" (CNE): Dr. José Luis Bedini (Comisión Nacional de la Especialidad de Análisis Clínicos y Bioquímica Clínica) and Dr. Manel Juan (Comisión Nacional de la Especialidad de Inmunología). Both presidents, professionals in our Hospital Clinic in the CBD, will make their task within the newly constituted committees of MSSSI. These CNEs born with the task of developing the training of specialists in the new trunked model. In the case both CNE part of the "Tronco de Laboratorio y Diagnóstico Clínico" (TLDC). Despite the opposition of many professionals (and specifically from the Spanish Society of Immunology that filed a legal recourse) to this new proposal, the cited CNEs born with the complex, but clear mission of enabling fitting of all specialties involved in the TLDC, a relationship that will determine the quality of training (and therefore the professional competence) of future clinical laboratory specialists.


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