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May 16, 2013

2011 Bacteraemias Newsletter

Antimicrobial resistance is a public health problem. In 2004, a report of the WHO on “Priority Medicine for Europe and the World” identified infections caused by multiresistant bacteria as the number one disease requiring priority medicine. The surveillance of antimicrobial resistance in the nosocomial setting is among the measures to be taken to control the emergence and spread of multidrug resistant bacteria. In addition, this information will allow the clinician to know the ecology of the multidrug resistant bacteria, as well as the distribution of the microorganisms according to the different focus of bacteraemia. This information will support the clinician to implement a more appropriate empirical antibiotic therapy.

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Department of Clinical Microbiology
Head of Department:
Head of Section of Bacteriology: F.Marco

Collaborators: J.C. Hurtado, A.Vergara, J.Mensa, J.A. Martínez, A.Soriano, L.Morata, N.Cobos, C.Hernández, R. Nuñez, C.Melción, I.Campo, R.Albarracín, R.Arce, C.Pitarch, P.Juíz, C.Esteban, Y.Zobomyrska, J.Puig de la Bellacasa, J.Bosch., M.T. Jiménez de Anta.

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