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Hospital Clínic – Biomedical Diagnostic CenterBiochemistry and Molecular Genetics

  • Trace elements determination in biological matrices, to preventing and diagnosing heavy metal toxicity and trace elements defficiency, and to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of chelating therapy.
  • TDM of psychoactive drugs in plasma for optimising pharmacotherapy in the treatment of psychiatric disorders.
  • TDM in psychotropic drugs. Applicability and usefulness of pharmacogenetic testing, either alone or in combination with TDM methods to improve the outcomes of psychopharmacotherapy.
  • Human exposure to heavy metals. Factors influencing the metal concentration. Relationships between genotype and individual susceptibility to contaminants.
  • Psychopharmacology during pregnancy and lactation. Pharmacokinetic studies to minimize fetal and neonatal risk from exposure to psychotropic drugs.
  • Professor of Toxicology. Faculty of Medicine (Medicine and Biomedicine Degree) and Faculty of Law (Criminology Degree).
  • Training in Analytical Toxicology and Psychopharmacology for Medical Residents of Clinical Biochemistry.

Other charges

  • Member of the CDB Analytical Quality Control Comission.

  • Professor of Toxicology. Faculty of Medicine. University of Barcelona.

  • Member IDIBAPS . Research Area 4: Clinical and Experimental Neuroscience.

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Academic Qualifications

  • Specialist of Clinical Biochemistry (2004)
  • Biochemistry Doctor (1993)
  • Licentiate in Chemical Sciences (1982)

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