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Manel Juan Otero


Head of Section

Hospital Clínic – Biomedical Diagnostic CenterImmunology

  • Immunodeficiencies: support area for diagnosis of diseases by immune system defect, especially primary immunodeficiencies.
  • Cellular Immunology: Facility for analyzing cellular immune responses.
  • Flow cytometry: Technological area for evaluation of cell populations by quantitatives parameters.
  • Cellular immunotherapy against cancer: area developed to have tools for therapeutic manipulation based on cellular immune response, in order to eliminate tumors.
  • Cellular immunotherapy against other therapeutic aims (anti-infectious, tolerogenic, …)
  • IDIBAPS member of the group "Immunogenetics of the autoinflammatory response" (Team N 209). GRE (Grup Recerca Emergent) N exped: 2009 SGR 1260
  • Study of chemokine role in the modulation of antigen-specific response. Role of of CCL4 and CCL4L polymorphisms (SNPs and CNV).
  • Assessment of the antigen specific response of T-cells by class II tetramers.
  • CART19: Chimeric Antigen Receptor in T-cells with anti-CD19 against B-cell lymphoproliferative disorders.
  • 3 Patents for HLA typing methodology by real-time PCR (with international extensions). 1 in commercial exploitation. Study of the deletion E52del role in MyD88 deficiency
  • Coordinator / speaker in "Research Methodology in pathogenic mechanisms of autoimmunity and techniques ..." course of the master of Autoimmune Diseases
  • Partner as a professor in the UB(UAB Joint Master for Immunology (quality mention). Each course, I tutor one student.

Other charges

  • Officer of Immunotherapy area (anti-tumor, anti-infectious, autoimmunity, …)

    Hospital Clínic – CDB Centro de Diagnóstico Biomédico – Immunology

  • Flow Cytometry Officer

    Hospital Clínic – CDB Centro de Diagnóstico Biomédico – Immunology

  • Officer of Immunodeficiency area

    Hospital Clínic – CDB Centro de Diagnóstico Biomédico – Immunology

  • Member of the Committee of Medical Delegates

  • Member of the Security Committee (anti-violence)

  • Member of the Avanced Therapy Unit (Committee of Medicine Direction)

  • President of Catalan Society for Immunology 2008-2012

  • Member of the Advisory Council of Clinical Laboratories in Catalonia

  • President of the National Commission of Immunology Specialty 2014- (Health ministry

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Academic Qualifications

  • MD, PhD (University of Barcelona) (1994)
  • Immunologist (1993)
  • Medicine and ssurgery degree (Universitat Barcelona) (1988)

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