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Detection / control MRSA, nasal swab

Fee code: 20009


Climent Casals Pascual


> Microbiology Department

Method description

Culture in selective and diferenciated medium

Delivery time

4 days

Note to delivery time



Specimen type

Nasal swab

Specimen volume

1 escobillón

Specimen minimum volume

1 escobillón

Collection instructions

Introduce the swab 2-3 cm inside each nostril and rub against the wall several times. The same swab could be used for the 2 nostrils

Preanalytic treatment


Transport conditions

At room temperature

Rejection criteria

Swabs without medium of transport, Non-sterile sample container, Duplicate sample on the same day and for the same analysis


Interpretative report of the results

Reference values

Values Units   Age  
Detection / control MRSA      

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