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Oligosaccharides, urine

Fee code: 16015

Aliases: GM1 gangliosidosis type I, GM2 gangliosidosis Sandhoff-type, Oligosaccharidoses, Glycoproteinosis


Blai Morales Romero

Method description

Liquid ultra chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (UPLC-MS/MS)

Delivery time

15 days

Note to delivery time


Attach a summary of medical history. Essential date of birth and name and surname of the patient

Specimen type


Specimen volume

1 mL

Specimen minimum volume

0,5 mL

Collection instructions

Immediate freezing without preservatives

Preanalytic treatment


Transport conditions

Samples frozen on dry ice.

Rejection criteria

Thawed specimens to room temperature greater than 24 hours or refrigerated specimens greater than one week.


Reference values

Values Units   Age  

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