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Information systems

The CDB’s information systems include highly specialized applications for the laboratory setting, some of which have been designed by our own professionals. The underlying support structure is integrated in the Data Processing Center of Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. Hence, it benefits from the same security measures as the Hospital’s general system (eg, controlled access, backup, and high-availability architectures). These systems are continually updated, incorporating useful new developments and features for the activity carried out in our laboratories.

In recent years, the CDB has focussed on incorporating tools to provide our internal and external clients with a wide rage of possibilities for system integration. These include sending samples and requests, and receiving results. The services we offer in this area are:

  • Website consultation of test results on the same day they are validated by the staff
  • Electronic transmission of requests or results, adapted to the client’s protocol (eg, HL7, ASTM)
  • LIS-to-LIS or LIS-to-HIS integration

The professionals on CDB’s informatics team are exclusively dedicated to managing the laboratories’ information systems. Their vast experience in this setting allows effective maintenance and development of these resources, while fully serving our clients’ technological demands.


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