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Knowledge sharing

In addition to performing high-quality analytic testing and diagnostics, the CDB focuses considerable effort on education and lends support to its clients and collaborators in this area. Our medical and technical team publishes textbooks and articles, gives lectures, workshops, and symposiums in national and international meetings, and imparts specific training courses for laboratory doctors and technicians.

The CDB establishes collaborative alliances with its clients that include methodology sharing, and lends help in the development of new laboratory procedures, in addition to performing tests.

The corporate culture of CDB emphasizes learning, teamwork, and continuing improvement. In the framework of these alliances, CDB willingly shares its methods and cooperates in client development. For example, if a client sends a type of test that has proven to be problematic, the CDB technical team will cooperate to solve the problem by sharing procedures and imparting on-site training of the client’s team at our facilities. CDB can provide help in validating methods, such as clinical tests to be used in research studies and methods that are not available commercially, as well as evaluation of instruments, techniques, etc.

Biomedical Diagnostic Center (CDB)

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