Clínic Barcelona. Hospital Universitari

Economic Management Area

The Economic Management Area handles all the economic processes of CDB. The objective of the Area is to achieve a balanced budget and efficient allocation of resources, while preserving CDB’s high level of scientific excellence.
Among its main areas of activity, we highlight the following:

  • Design and control of the annual budget
  • Tracking each center’s monthly budget variances in cost and activity
  • Control and monitoring of the healthcare activity generated
  • Analytical accounting
  • Investment plan management
  • Purchase management
  • Control of expenditure: personnel, maintenance, equipment, reagents, and disposable items

The Area is focused on external clients and those of the Hospital. It encompasses the collateral units of Sales and Marketing, Purchases, Consumables, and Billing, and is managed and coordinated by the Chief of Economic Management of the CDB, Ms. Gemma Lorente (glorente(ELIMINAR)

Biomedical Diagnostic Center (CDB)

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