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Sales and Marketing

The Alliance Management Unit was created in 2009, with the resolute goal of enhancing the commercial activity required to transmit the healthcare and biodiagnostic capability of the CDB; that is, its reference laboratory competence and diagnostic consultancy services.

Our activity is focused on designing and establishing collaborative agreements with other health centers and determining their economic repercussions. Furthermore, we analyze and develop the appropriate contractual formula, such as public tenders, commercial contracts, and partnership agreements. Additionally, we serve customer queries relating to pricing, conditions and terms of delivery, available tests, etc.

Our clients include public hospital laboratories, private laboratories, CIBER, the pharmaceutical industry, research centers, scientific societies, public health departments, etc. Thanks to our interactions with all these users, we enhance scientific knowledge and innovation, and achieve advances in the diagnostic process.

The person in charge of the Sales and Marketing Unit is Ms. Cristina Guardiola Medina (cguardio(ELIMINAR)

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